Our brands purpose

Welcome to our healing realm ! We’ve journeyed through this industry , originally named Divine Botanicals skincare , DRS and now CRESCENT & HERB. Where you get a mix of spiritual care ,metaphysics, skincare , herbal care , Spirituality and more .
We are family owned and operated . Producing the highest quality natural products ranging from skincare ,feminine products , herbal remedies , natural teas and last but not least spiritual body and skincare , all while putting a twist of our ancestral practices, knowledge into it . with only a team of TWO. Both mother and daughter. We believe in cutting out and ditching anything that is not that of Mother Nature . Why compromise your health , using things that claim to work, when really the only thing a chemical based and toxic product will do is cause wear and tear on your health…in the long run  . Like my Grandmother always told me “As long as you have your health and strength your life is golden “ . 

So let’s dive into a little about US … building a relationship with you guys is very important to us so read along a little further 

This brand is Created and birthed by Omoya. I am a young woman of color . A mother of multiple mini’s and a stay at home mother . From the ages of 14-21 years old I was a self taught makeup artist located in North Carolina. Touching and enhancing many beautiful faces , I Knew that I wanted to do more to make my mark in this realm. Pregnant with my 2nd born daughter I attended school and soon obtained my ESTHETICIAN LICENSE ( fun fact I actual went to school while in labor LOL CAN YOU IMAGINE …..AND YES my wonderful teachers sent my behind right out of there ! 2019 I Decided that is was time to bless and share my talent with others who were in need of a HONEST , NATURAL SKINCARE LINE THAT WORKS . Amongst this business is not only products being handcrafted by a licensed Esthetician but also a holistic herbalist who practice holistic living in all aspects , not just skincare .

 MOMMA CRESCENT , a beautiful , driven , headstrong woman she is also herbalist and mother of Omoya .  Being the creator of our amazing , beautiful products , she also formulates many of our creations as well . She works hard putting all research and knowledge into crafting and providing for you all . Together we come as one , mixing , creating , packaging , sealing, labeling and shipping each product and package 📦 one by one . We have managed to help relieve others of even the toughest skin conditions such as  hidradenitis suppurativa, eczema , psoriasis , chronic acne and more !

Our plan is to pass this bad boy down to our children in the near future ! Until then we will work hard to provide these high quality products to you all . We truly appreciate your support and we thank you for coming along on this journey with us