AS OF 2024

All orders placed during a LIMITED RESTOCK with Crescent & Herb are processed and shipped within 18-21 business days from the purchase date . Mondays , weekends and holidays are not included within the 18-21 business days . This is agreed to when checking out and placing an order with us . There are no shipping updates provided , please be patient and if patience is not a virtue for you kindly do not order with us . We are mother - daughter owned and operated . Every item we provide is handmade , cut , packaged , sealed , labeled , shipped & dropped off at the post office all by us TWO ONLY By placing an order with us you agree that you understand the time , patience and care that goes into your order
Delays may occur due to uncontrolled circumstances such as pandemics , family emergencies & high volume during sales .
Upon receiving your order, if it is damaged or something is missing you have 7 business days from the date that your tracking number ( via usps or ups ) states delivered to report it to us so that we can assist you and fix the issue. Failure to report damaged or missing items will result in only choosing a replacement item ( that we choose as eligible ) during your next new order placement . There will be no refund , under any circumstances.
 Crescent and Herb is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any transit issues such as packages not being delivered to the correct address. Packages being lost , stolen or anything dealing with transit does not fall on Crescent & Herb . ALL TRANSIT ISSUES AND COMMUNICATION  MUST BE HANDLED BETWEEN THE BUYER AND THE CARRIER (UPS OR USPS)   By filling a claim
to file a claim with USPS :
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Our customers are responsible for ensuring we have the correct shipping address to process and ship  your order. When placing your order, be sure to enter your complete and correct address .

Failure to enter your shipping address, will result in your order be cancelled and refunded to you.
There are no address adjustments ( changes ) once the order is placed
 Returned Order Packages
If your package is returned to Crescent & Herb  you will be issued a refund minus the shipping costs.
Any fraudulent disputes and false claims will result in being permanently blocked and banned . We will also take legal action. All banks connected to a fraudulent customer will be notified!
 We have the right to refuse to create and service any customer , especially those who are rude and hateful! Please be kind and respectful!
Our products are not for resale ! All orders placed are for personal use only .
 Products are not intended to supplant A doctors proposal. Our products are not endorsed by the FDA. Our items are made with characteristic fixings And it isn't to be utilized other than for expressed purposes. Our items are not made to fix any kind of maladies so  counsel your specialist and confirm that it won't interfere with any medical issues , pregnancy, nursing, or anything else. In the event that any irritation occurs, please discontinue the use of the items. Crescent & Herb IS NOT TO BE  held at risk for any item abuse. Although our products are handcrafted with love , care & natural ingredients, our products are not hypoallergenic.